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For more information on the installations and conversions that Orana Energy Systems Solahart Central West undertake, have a read through our frequently asked questions and their answers. These cover solar power systems and maintenance, government incentives and much more.
1. What happens with solar power at night or on overcast days?
Solar power systems only produce electricity when they are exposed to sunlight. At night you will not generate electricity from your solar modules - instead you will source electricity from the grid.

The performance of the solar power system is also affected by the weather. When there is thick cloud your home will draw energy from the grid.
2. Will my system continue to operate, even during a blackout?
3. What are the Government incentives to switch to solar?
4. What sort of maintenance is required?
5. What is the difference between a solar hot water system and a solar power system?
6. How does a solar power system work?
7. What is the National Electricity Grid?
8. What is an inverter?
9. What are the benefits of using a solar power system?
10. How much money can I save on my energy bills if I switch to solar power?
11. Will I still have to use mains electricity?
12. Will my solar power system store energy for later use?
13. How much roof space will I need for a solar power system?
14. Is the position on the roof important?
15. Can I increase the size of my system in the future?
16. Is natural gas available at my property?
17. How do I arrange a natural gas connection or supply?
18. Can my LPG appliances be converted to suit a natural gas connection?

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